5th. & 6th.

Welcome to Fifth and Sixth Classes

5th & 6th 2015S5th & 6th 2015-2016
Here we are, as usual, working very hard. We hope to add to this page from time to time


Everyone’s a Winner!
Our class receiving Easter Eggs for our “wonderful” Power Point presentations.
Well Done to Usssssssssssssssssssssssss!



Here we are YOLO (Sir does not know what that means)

Here are some of the masks we made when studying the VikingsvikingsHave a look at our Powerpoint here Birds

  Some More of our Art
1916 Clay B1 1916 Clay 1
1916 in Clay 1916 in Clay
art1mosaic  art4
 Mosaics  Tessellations
art3stickmen art2mosaic
Stick Men/Women Mosaics
pottery winter
Our Pottery  Winter Scene
Class Group receive Easter Eggs as reward for excellent PowerPoint projects. The projects were presentations on History, Geography, or common interest themes. The pupils researched, designed and delivered the projects to a very high standard. After Easter each pupil will have to stand before the class and present their project. We hope to publish all the projects on our “projects” page later in the year.