5th. & 6th.

  Fifth and Sixth Class (2019-2020)

Welcome to our page. We have a lot of fun activities planned for the year. Watch this space!


As we had a busy week last week with swimming and practice for the Peace Proms Rehearsals in the WIT Arena, we are only getting around to celebrating Science Week this week. Today, we made salt dough volcanoes. We used flour, salt and water to make them. It was quite messy and teacher got a bit stressed when she saw more dough on the floor than in our mixing bowls! In the end, all turned out well. We were delighted with our salt dough volcanoes, which we will need to leave for a few days to dry out. Next up is the painting of the volcanoes to make them look as realistic as possible. We then intend to demonstrate to the other classes how a volcano erupts.

Click on the link below to see all the action from today!

Making salt dough volcanoes

Amazing Triangles

We had great fun exploring with cocktail sticks and marshmallow sweets recently. We made squares and cubes and discovered that these shapes distort easily. We then made triangles and pyramids and found that the triangle is a much stronger shape. Hence, the triangle is an extremely popular building shape. Caitlín and Ryan even managed to make a simple bicycle for their lego man to sit on without the aid of hands to support it. Well Done everyone! Great investigating!

pic1 pic5
pic6 pic7
pic8 pic2
pic3 pic 4

Painting our mascots

This week we painted our clay mascots. Some of us opted for the black and amber colours while others painted their mascots in the Castlecomer colours. Well Done everyone!

  clay 4  clay 3
clay 2 clay 1

Working with clay

This week we made mascots from clay. We had great fun! We hope to paint them next week.

 art 1  art 2
 art 3  art 4
 art 5  art 6
 art 7  art 8
 art 9  art 10

Camogie Celebration

Here are some photos of our great camogie stars celebrating their Shield Final win!


School Tour 2019

Here are some photos from our great day out in Dunmore East!

20190612_131637(0)20190612_14102620190612_14075720190612_140743Picture1 Picture2

Woolly Mammoth Artwork


We practiced our paper machè technique on these Woolly Mammoths!

Powerpoint Presentations


After weeks of hard work, our 5th & 6th class students got the opportunity to showcase Powerpoint Presentations to the class! A huge amount of hard work went into these projects, and the end product was absolutely magnificent! Everybody should be extremely proud of what they achieved and we look forward to more wonderful presentations to come!

Our overall top three finishers in the end were Holly, Kevin and Adam! Well done to you all and congratulations!

Star of the Week


The task of choosing Star of the Week this week in the 5th & 6th class room was a difficult one! This week’s theme for Star of the Week was, ‘ Being a bookworm’. Our current crop of students in 5th & 6th are always great to get stuck into some silent reading whenever they get a chance. In the end,it was decided that the whole class group would receive the Star of the Week prize for such a great class effort in reading, not just this week but all the time! Well done to all in 5th & 6th and keep it up!

Confirmation 2019

Congratulations to our Confirmation Group who were confirmed on the 22nd of March. We hope you all enjoyed the very special occasion with your friends and family!

DSC_0129 (2)

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Bhain gach duine an taitneamh as Lá le Pádraig i rang a cúig agus sé an seachtain seo caite!!


Kilkenny Music Festival 2019

Firoda School has a great tradition of Irish Music. Last week, we were represented by a number of students ranging from 4th to 6th class in the Kilkenny Music Festival. They came third in the competition and did all in Firoda National School very proud. We would like to say a huge thank you to Karena Dowling and her continued work and effort in her teaching of Irish music to the students here in Firoda. Well done and congratulations to all involved!!

Heritage Visit February 2019

We were very lucky to have the chance to learn about the different soil types and rocks in our local area this past month. Here are some photos of our 5th & 6th class students hard at work on the day!!

DSC01485    DSC01483 DSC01482

Garda Visit February 2019

In February we had a visit from the Gardaí. They spoke to us all in 5th & 6th class about Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety. We bounced around ideas about how we can all be a little safer when we are online. The evening was enjoyed by everyone and we hope that it will help us all to be a little safer online! Alex was even brave enough to climb on board some of the horses who are part of the Gardaí’s Mounted Unit!


Working With Circuits

We explored circuits in class for science this week. Everyone got involved and had great fun making all different types of circuits. Here are some pictures of students hard at work!

DSC01552 DSC01555 DSC01557 DSC01559 DSC01561 DSC01563

History Projects

We spent a number of weeks exploring World War 2. Here are some of the finish projects we completed in class on the topic. Everyone put a great effort into their projects and should be very proud of their finished work!


Art Work

As a group we decided to create a piece of art which brought all our individual pieces of work together. The finished picture turned out really great which you can see below!


Past Pupils5th & 6th 2015S5th & 6th 2015-2016 Here we are, as usual, working very hard. We hope to add to this page from time to time.


Everyone’s a Winner! Our class receiving Easter Eggs for our “wonderful” Power Point presentations. Well Done to Usssssssssssssssssssssssss!



Here we are YOLO (Sir does not know what that means!)

Here are some of the masks we made when studying the Vikings.vikingsHave a look at our Powerpoint here Birds

  Some More of our Art
1916 Clay B1 1916 Clay 1
1916 in Clay 1916 in Clay
art1mosaic  art4
 Mosaics  Tessellations
art3stickmen art2mosaic
Stick Men/Women Mosaics
pottery winter
Our Pottery  Winter Scene
Class Group receive Easter Eggs as reward for excellent PowerPoint projects. The projects were presentations on History, Geography, or common interest themes. The pupils researched, designed and delivered the projects to a very high standard. After Easter each pupil will have to stand before the class and present their project. We hope to publish all the projects on our “projects” page later in the year.