Book Rental

Book Rental Scheme

books2In order to keep expense on parents to a minimum, Firoda School operates a Book Rental Scheme. Books (not workbooks) are rented to pupils for the year. The cost usually reflects the condition of the book. We try to give pupils a mixture of older and newer books. Pupils are expected to return the books in almost as good a condition as they get them. If the books are taken care of they will last longer and ultimately will result in lower costs to parents. The school spreads the cost of a book over its lifespan. If pupils lose or destroy a book they will be liable for the cost of replacement. If a book is returned in a much poorer condition than when rented the pupil may be required to pay a fine to compensate for loss of future rental value of the book.

This Scheme has proven to be very beneficial for parents.
Your full support is appreciated.