Code of Discipline



School, you will appreciate, has to be an ordered community where certain rules and regulations must be set down and observed. Effective discipline is necessary so that children may develop responsible attitudes towards themselves and others.

Rules are made in the interest of Safety & Hygiene, good manners and above all every child’s is right to be educated in an uninterrupted environment. For effective implementation of our code of discipline we look forward to the full co-operation of all parents. Remember, it is the child’s ‘misbehaviour” that is undesirable, not the child.


  1. School hours are from 9.20 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

2 p.m. for infants.

  1. A note or phone call is required for:
    1. Absence or lateness,
    2. Leave from school,
    3. Exemption from Sport or P.E.
  1. Homework Journal to be signed every night (This indicates your approval of amount of homework done and will avoid action being taken in school should the work not be completed).
  2. Parents should communicate with the teacher through the homework journal especially on areas of difficulty that the child may be having.
  3. Instances of misbehaviour will be recorded in the homework journal and in a record book held by the Principal.
  4. Parents should exercise extreme attention to safety when dropping off and collecting children, parking only on the school side of the road. Cars are not to stop in the gateway (even for dropping off). The gateway is for turning only. The ball court may be used for parking.
  5. Please discourage children from bringing novelties to school as they are a constant source of distraction, i.e. fancy pens, toppers, rulers, toys, etc.
  6. All enquiries regarding the children progress / problems to be made during school hours. Appointments can be made to meet the principal / teacher if required
  7. Full School Uniform to be worn at all times.


This is a very important book and should be kept in your bag at all times. The code of discipline has been drawn up to show you, the pupil, the standard of behaviour that is required from you. The consequences of your failing to behave are set out in a clear and fair manner. The rules are made for your safety and to ensure that every child’s right to learn and be happy in school is looked after. There will be a Bonus for children that behave well such as extra computer time, extra P.E., longer breaks etc.

The code of discipline will operate on a card system as follows.

1. WHITE CARD: for minor misbehaviour, will be indicated in your homework journal with an ‘x’. This covers acts of misbehaviour  which on their own are not too serious but when repeated  many times by many children, can lead to chaos. The teacher for will issue a white card for:

  1.   Running inside the building (other than on the P.E. hall floor) or around corners,
  2.  Bringing glass bottles to school,
  3. Throwing litter,
  4.  Eating / drinking during class or on the P.E. hall floor or in the Computer Room.
  5.  Talking, fidgeting, turning round, etc.

2. YELLOW CARD: for serious misbehaviour issued by the Principal for acts such as:

  1.  Bringing gum to school,
  2.  Not doing homework,
  3.  Disturbing the class or other pupils by talking, shouting, messing, moving out of seat, tripping, etc.
  4.  Cycling in the school grounds,
  5.  Climbing, fighting or spoiling games, etc.
  6.  Abusing / neglecting property, throwing litter,
  7.  Five white cards in a week.
  8.  Discourtesy.

3.  RED CARD: will be issued by the Principal for acts of gross misbehaviour including:

  1.  Bad / obscene language,
  2.  Name calling,
  3.  Bullying,
  4.  Arrogant attitude towards teachers,
  5.  Cheek / back answers,
  6.  Interfering in any way with other children’s property including lunches, coats and bags.
  7.  Boys wearing earrings,
  8.  Disrespect, disobedience and failure to complete penalties given for misbehaviour,
  9.  3 Yellow cards in a week or 5 in a month.
  10. Any sort of misbehaviour when a visitor is in the room or the teacher is out of the room.

4. PURPLE CARD: will be issued by the Principal for a single act of totally unacceptable behaviour such as violence towards another pupil or teacher, foul language to a teacher, leaving the school grounds, defacing property, vulgar or degrading talk to other children or two red cards in a month.


1. WHITE CARD: reasoning, reprimand, loss of privilege  (library, P.E., Computer, etc.) detention during break.

2. YELLOW CARD: extra homework, separation from class  friends for up to 2 weeks plus white card sanctions.

3. RED CARD: yellow card sanctions plus both parents to come to school to meet Principal and / or Chairperson.

(Suspensions (rule 130(5)

4. PURPLE CARD: red card sanctions plus Expulsion (rule 130(6)).

For cases of serious misbehaviour the Board of Management have authorised the Principal and / or the Chairperson to sanction an immediate suspension pending a discussion of the matter with the child’s parents.