Digital Divide Grant Survey

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The school completed the following survey outlining what interventions were put in place using this funding. We had to outline what interventions were put in place, expenditure, purpose, projects undertaken etc.

Expenditure:  TabletsandSmartboards

Purpose:         To ensure that all pupils have access to digital devices in our school and are equipped with the necessary skills and content to enhance their digital learning.

Projects Undertaken

Junior/Senior Infants: 

  • Literacy/Numeracy activities in stations
  • Phonological activities through rhymes and songs
  • Online Gaeilge activities and curricular links
  • SeeSaw activities – reinforcement of schoolwork through online homework,creating a cross-curricular link.

1st /2nd Class:

  • Literacy/Numeracy app on tablets
  • Coding – linkage with older classes
  • Online Library linkage – download books of all genres which were not really accessible to us prior to tablets being purchased
  • Interactive whiteboards – to promote our digital skill

3rd/4th Class:

  • Art-Quiver Vision App – children coloured the scanned QR code to bring a picture to life (augmented reality)
  • SESE/Literacy –     research topics
  • use guided, reliable sources
  • summarising/paraphrasing into children’s own words, learning the skills of gathering only relevant information.

5th/6th Class:

  • Coding
  • Tablets will be used in near future in conjunction with the Active Flag “Walkways” Initiative – integration with Geography, Maths, PE, etc.
  • Tablets for projects/research work
  • Tablets for group work – literacy game
  • “Wordle”, Geography game- “Globe”, Gaeilge “Foclach”, completing KWL Charts in SESE topics.


  • Interactive whiteboard games in both numeracy / literacy
  • Wellbeing activities – Cosmic Yoga
  • Zoom “Music Generation”
  • Tablets – specific phonological programmes to bridge the gap and lessen the educational gap caused by the pandemic.