How to Strike

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Doubling forward (striking a moving ball to send it further in the
direction it is already traveling).


1.Adopt ready position.

2.Run to meet oncoming ball and adopt lock position just as the ball comes near. Whether the ball is hit from the strong or weak side is determined by the position of the ball.

3.Eyes on the ball- good judgment is vital.

4.Swing on the ball to send it further in the direction it is traveling.

5.Pupils practice with an imaginary ball.

Points to note:

  • Failing to strike the ball due to trying to hit it too hard. Concentrate on connecting properly rather than powerfully at first.
  • It is most important to have the feet in the correct position when doubling, i.e., the same position as for striking a stationary ball while running.
  • Eyes on the ball at all times.


Practise skill:

Get a partner (5m. away) to roll the ball to your strong side. Double on the ball forward to travel 10m.Repeat but double from weak side to hit ball 5m.