Our Art

       Room on the Broom

This week we listened to the story ‘Room on the Broom’. We drew pictures of a witch. Look at our lovely pictures.

witch 5 witch 6
witch 4 witch 3
witch 2 witch 1

                                     Castles (Part 2)

We have been learning lots about castles. We listened to the story of Rapunzel. We drew an outline of a castle using chalk. Then we printed the castle walls using sponges and white paint. Some of us even drew a portcullis door to keep out invaders.

castle 6 castle 4
castle 2 castle 5
castle 3 castle 1

Castles (Part 1)

We have started learning about castles. We made castles out of cardboard in our groups. We had lots of fun working together as a team.

cardboard 4 cardboard 3
cardboard 2 cardboard 1



We listened to the story ‘Scarecrow’s Wedding’. We made scarecrows out of paper plates and some of us even used straw for their hair.

scarecrow 6 scarecrow 5
scarecrow 4 scarecrow 2
scarecrow 3 scarecrow 1

Autumn Scenes

We have been talking about the signs of Autumn. We drew colourful pictures of Autumn trees using oil pastels.

autumn 6 autumn 4
autumn 5 autumn 3
autumn 1 autumn