School Uniform

Around 2001 the School Board of Management, in consultation with parents introduced a School Uniform. The purpose of the uniform of course was:

  1. uniform2To keep down cost of clothes for parents
  2. To make the “choice” of children’s school clothes simple in the mornings for parents
  3. To eliminate any “fashion” competition   among pupils
  4. To enhance the school identity 

To further keep down costs and for convenience of parents the school decided to stock the uniforms. 

Uniform Policy:

Please ensure that pupils are sent to school every day in full uniform including tie and black shoes (not runners). This is to maintain the integrity of the uniform. It is unfair on other pupils if some are allowed to be lax on this issue. If pupils arrive without full uniform parents will have to be phoned to bring in whatever is missing. Please ensure that children’s names are on all items of uniform, coats etc. as it is unbelievable the amount of good clothes that are left in school and we cannot find their owners!

Junior Infants & Senior Infants may wear the school tracksuit to school on P.E. days only (Wednesdays). Other classes change on the day. If any items of uniform are needed during the year ,just give your child a note. We will send home the item with the bill.

In order to make life as easy as possible for parents and to keep costs down, the school stocks the school uniform. This involves a financial and time commitment by the school, a service not provided by many others.
Your appreciation is shown by maintaining integrity of the school uniform.